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Pardon Services

Pennsylvania is leading the nation in pardon reform. A lawyer is not required, and over 80% of the people going before the Board of Pardons actually receive a pardon! Over a ten-year period, pardons brought over $16.5 million in higher wages to Pennsylvania communities.

If you have ever pled guilty or been convicted of a state crime in Pennsylvania and have completed your sentence, you should consider applying for a pardon, which is total forgiveness that erases your record. You will never have to “check the box” again!

While a Pardon is never guaranteed, by meeting the criteria below, there is a formal process that FAVOR Laurel Highlands can assist Cambria County residents with.

  • have fully completed their sentence (not on probation or parole)
  • have not been arrested in the past 5 years (10 years if any crime involved sex or violence more significant than simple assault)
  • can show they’ve turned their lives around – through letters of recommendation, certificates, diplomas, success at work, etc.
  • have done things to help others

80% of people who get a hearing before the PA Board of Pardons actually end up with a pardon!

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