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Know More About us

Faces and Voices of
Recovery (FAVOR)

Faces and Voices of Recovery (FAVOR) Laurel Highlands is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit Recovery Community Organization (RCO) focusing on recovery from alcohol and other drugs, for individuals, families, and the community. 

Bridging the Gap

FAVOR Laurel Highlands bridges the gap before, during, and after formal treatment. Replacing environmental factors such as people, places, and things while strengthening other areas of one’s life is crucial for an individual in early recovery. FAVOR Laurel Highlands is a safe place filled with individuals in long term recovery offering hope that recovery is not only possible but probable with the proper supports in place. Individuals will have the opportunity to build connection while developing life skills and integrating into the community.

Loved Ones

Loved ones in our community are also feeling the devastation caused by substance use. They are often uneducated and confused on the best route to take to help their loved one, all the while experiencing trauma from seeing the downward spiral of substance use. Educating parents before their child’s substance use disorder reaches severe criteria can prevent years of painful experiences.

Our Mission

Assisting individuals, families, and communities in building sustainable recovery capital. We exist to serve as a vital backbone of support across the Laurel Highlands region that will result in empowered residents and stronger communities.”

FAVOR Laurel Highlands is a peer run organization, which means all volunteers and employees are either in recovery or a family member of those in recovery.  This ensures that everyone serving FAVOR Laurel Highlands has a vested interest in our organization’s mission.

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